2020 – 2022 PDP

Professional Development Plan Fall 2020 – Fall 2022

Gregory Richard, Associate Professor of History & Legal Studies

1. Demonstrated the ability to teach effectively and/or perform effectively in other current assignments.

Articulation Agreements. In addition to the recently completed agreement with North Hennepin Community College, we are currently working on Inver Hills Community College and Western Technical College in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Both are in the late stages of drafting and should be completed by the end of the Spring 2021 semester.

SMRLS Clinic. I would like to continue fostering our program’s relationship with the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) office in Winona. I am hoping that more students become involved with helping those individuals most in need of legal services. I am also considering applying for a Professional Improvement Funds (PIF) grant to help get this clinic started.

Minnesota Supreme Court Paraprofessional Pilot Project and Standing Committee. I am applying to sit on the Minnesota Supreme Court Paraprofessional Pilot Project Standing Committee. Judge Mary Leahy and retired Minnesota Appeals Court Judge John Rodenberg approached me to discuss the possibility of our Legal Studies Program serving as one of the first pilot schools for this program in Minnesota. Serving on the standing committee would only help that endeavor.

Curriculum. I hope to continue the evolution of our curriculum with our Paralegal Advisory Board and faculty’s advice and consent. One area I want to act on is the increase of credits in LGLS 374: Evidentiary Rules from two to three credits. It is one of the few regularly offered LGLS electives that are not three credits, and the topic is quite deserving of additional treatment during the semester.

New HIST offering. I am also hoping to have the opportunity to become more involved in our HIST offerings by teaching new courses for our upper-division topics in history. Some of the potential issues include a legal history of homicide, a prison history course focused on the United States, a death penalty focused history, or a course focused on the history of law practice in the US.

Paralegal Certificate Program. I approached Dean Peter Miene last fall to begin discussing the possibility of a certificate program. This certificate would offer an opportunity for past graduates to obtain an American Bar Association-approved paralegal certificate. This certificate would take two semesters to complete. The Dean mentioned that we should continue pursuing this option, and I hope to continue discussing the matter.

2. Scholarly or creative achievement or research.

I plan on continuing the work I had started during my sabbatical in the spring of 2020. COVID-19 put much of my research and writing plans on hold for that semester, but I am at a point where I should be able to continue my work. By the end of the spring 2021 semester, I am hoping to submit my two completed chapters to the University of North Carolina Press, allowing their readers to give me comments on the project’s direction.

I hope to spend some time in Pennsylvania and New York working on a project that I have always wanted to explore, early prisons and punishment in the United States. I hope that this research could be a stepping stone to a potential Travel Study, hoping our world calms to the point where we can have those again.

I also want to eventually turn my master’s thesis work into a scholarly article. That work focused on the death penalty in Louisiana and the “moratorium” period created by changing ideals brought about by the Civil Rights Movement as well as two incredibly important Supreme Court cases.

I will also be receptive to any offers to review books for scholarly journals. 3. Evidenceofcontinuingpreparationandstudy.

I plan on attending conferences to enhance my duties as a director of the Legal Studies Program, a history professor, and a pre-law advisor. I am going to be attending a virtual

I am a member of the Midwest Association of Prelaw Advisors, an organization of professionals dedicated to providing the best in pre-law advice for students at the

undergraduate level. I have heard from many in my paralegal program circles that MAPLA is an excellent opportunity for pre-law advisors to discuss better advising practices, especially considering the hurdles presented by COVID. They also have a consortium of law schools that form a pre-law caravan, allowing students to explore many different school options at one stop. All of this will be virtual, and I hope to get our students involved through my organization’s involvement.

4. Contribution to student growth and development.

I will continue to assist and guide our students in the ways I have since I first joined the faculty here at WSU. I am still advising all but one of the students in our program (sixty plus), and I will continue to dedicate myself to our program’s successes. I will also continue writing letters for our students interested in going to law school or graduate school. Additionally, I hope to coordinate more Independent Study courses with students. I enjoy sharing my love and knowledge of history with our students, which helps me become better as a teacher and mentor.

SMRLS and Legal Clinic at WSU. I hope to continue my discussions with the South Minnesota Regional Legal Services office here in Winona to create a clinic that would allow our students to help those individuals in our Greater Winona legal community with legal assistance. While these discussions have been taking place since the beginning of 2020, I hope by the end of this reporting period to have something in place which will allow our students to regularly dedicate their time to the community in need of law services and legal aid.

5. Service to the university and community.

I hope to continue my work with my department. After the departmental review, there are many areas our department wants to consider and re-evaluate, and I hope to be part of that process every step of the way. As discussed above, I am hoping to increase the credit hours of one of our classes, LGLS 374, to three credits. I also plan on helping our department in many of the upcoming GEPS goal renewals, such as those for HIST 151, 365, and 488, as well as the Legal Studies courses that are up for renewal.

As for campus committee work, I am still proud to be part of the Faculty Association Technology Committee and the All-University Tech Committee. I will once again be a Co-Chair of AUTC (along with Co-Chair Ken Janz), and I thoroughly enjoy the work I do for our university through AUTC.

I will continue to serve as the Director of Baccalaureate Programs for AAfPE and the National Coordinator of the Lamba Epsilon Chi Honor Society in Legal and Paralegal Studies. As National Coordinator, I approve all new chapters and inductees into the organization. My term ends in November 2021.

Winona County Bar Association. I am also hoping to get more involved with our county bar association. This will help me create and sustain relationships with the area’s legal community, benefiting our program. For the past few years, the Winona County Bar Association has been lacking in leadership, but there seems to be a reformation of the organization, and I hope to be a part of it.